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Free £25/MONTH £50/MONTH


Site inspection per month 2 15 35
Leads per year 1 6 12
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Online Profile
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Site Inspection

The most important of these is BF can send our trained site inspectors out to prospective jobs for you. They will:

  1. obtain full details of the job;
  2. measure up the job, taking pictures of the site and writing up its details in a standardised format; and
  3. take a video of the job, including the prospective client's comments, so you (the tradesman) understand what is wanted as if you were there.


In addition, BYFREDDY will provide you with a number of leads for prospective jobs.depending upon whether you sign up for free or choose one of our fee-per-month options.

System Access & App

BF helps you with its bespoke software solution that links tradesmen, clients, jobs, their statuses and manages all payments from clients and to the tradesman. Once you're a member you can access BYFREDDY 's software from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Online Profile

Your online profile can contain as little or as much detail as you choose? Want to include your photo> BYFREDDY can do that. Prefer to use only a logo? Again, no problem. Plus we can put up photos from jobs you've completed... not just when setting up you profile. If you want, we can load details of every job you do.

Invoice & Quote Access

A noted above, BF's bespoke software allows you to access every quote BYFREDDY generates for you, its status plus the automatically raised invoices for those jobs you've won. Of course, the status of all payments is also available through our app.

Last Minute Help

Finally, on those occasions when things go wrong, BYFREDDY can help. Had a sub-contractor come down sick? Had a truck breakdown while making an urgent delivery? Contact BYFREDDY ! Our network of members works together to smooth out life's irritations.