Ever wanted to take the pressure off your business? Would you like to spend less time doing quotes and invoices? Would like to stop going out to potential jobs with no guarantee you'll win the work?

FREDDY is here to help.

Every customer wants at least 3 quotes

To get them, most have to call 5, 6 or more tradesmen and still probably only have 2 show up.

FREDDY understands how busy tradesmen are. There's so much competition that if you're not the first to answer the phone, you could miss out on the job. And then there's the problem of getting to the potential clients at the expected time while still completing the jobs you're already working on. Be late and, once again, you could lose the job.

This is where FREDDY comes in.

We are a trade management company.

We are former trades people.

We'll go out to the potential client's site and measure up the job. This includes taking photos and a video record so you (the tradesman) know exactly what's required.

We'll even prepare the quote for you… after you've had the opportunity to tell us how much you'll charge and your availability. Then we'll talk to the client until we win the job.

Yep, we'll do it all except the actual work… and that includes creating invoices and seeing that you're paid.

So, what's the catch you ask?

There isn't one. In return for doing everything we've stated above, we'll take 7.5%* of the total invoice. That means on a job worth £1,000, FREDDY gets £75 and you get £925. Remember, that's for a job you haven't had to waste hours going to sites where you might not have won the business then had to prepare quotes and do all the other paperwork involved.

What if FREDDY found the job and then gave it to someone else?

My name is FREDDY not cowboy. If we don't win the business, we don't get paid. We won't waste your time. When have work for you we'll send you an sms and an email. You can then use our app to view the video and photos. Then you'll decide if you're interested in doing the job and give us a price which will automatically go into our preformatted quote template and be sent to the client.

But don't I need to see the job first?

FREDDY is new and different. Our bespoke technology shows you the job without you having to go there. Not just a few photos but a video with a full commentary that was created in front of the client so you know exactly what's wanted. We're not suits, consultants or someone whose going to tell you how to do the job. We're former tradespeople who knew there had to be a better way. The result is FREDDY and we'll give you everything you need to out together a quote.

But don't I need to see the job first?

FREDDY is actively seeking new clients and quoting daily. But that's not all we do.

Have you been too busy and had to turn potential clients away because you're booked out for months?

Don't tell the customer you can't do it, give FREDDY the details.

We'll do the site visit and provide you all the information needed for the quote. Then, with your approval, we'll find another FREDDY-approved tradesman to do the work… and YOU get paid 2.5% of the job's price for passing on the lead! Tell me what advertising company does that!

Finally, no matter the situation, our system shows what's happening on each lead you quote.

My name is FREDDY and I'm different.